To my untouched love

I buried you deep
deep down inside of me
Scared of what you’ll be
What it would make me

I douse you in flowers daily
The grave that I have made me
Knowing you’ll never save me
I sit alone in the shadows of slavery

But who could blame me
The world of hate won’t change me
I write with the pen of bravery
Yet I’m still seen as unsavory

I suffer among the lost
With feelings that nobody wants
I’m deemed a woman to rot
A woman to be Forgot

I watch as my life expands
With nobody to hold my hand
Given all that I possibly can
Falling beneath a reason to stand

Now my days are written in sand
Watching the sea wash away my plans
Your lovin’ slipping through my hands
Now I walk alone once again

Mindless minds

Lines of mindless walking dead’s
Only sour remnants left
Minds gone blind
These encroaching times
Walk fragile lines
Through fields of mines

Lost In the sky through space and time
Only living live to feel your multi high
But when you’re eyes bleed wide
And the lies untie
All’s been said
They’ll have you’re head

Minds where sold
These evil lies you told
Ancient binds been broke
From once Civil soles
Now the times grow cold
And the wise unfold
To a war so old
Who’s really in control

Cuz lust feeds your greed
Your mind cannot be pleased
Your tongue only a tease
To Spit the lies you seed
And if we all retreat
And let this war defeat
Our grief is sure to lead
To this world’s cupidity

No malice for your hunger
I’ll only leave you wonder
In such a fuckin blunder
I’ll stand my square outnumbered
Your time is up, been altered
I come to fight, to conqueror
To rise from what’s been slaughtered
To save our sons and daughters

Bride kidnapping

They grabbed me today
What to Tarnish my name
Take me as a slave
Filled with threats to behave

Now I stand all alone
Seems this life’s not my own
With no feelings of home
Only seen as a stone thrown

As the sounds just replay
Said my characters to blame
For my fate is my fault
At least that’s what I been taught

With his hands around my neck
Spiting venom in my chest
As the knife cuts my flesh
With no feelings of regret

Now, Bleeding unto scenes
Just an uncherished being
I drink till I’m clean
Till these feelings run free

As my memories all fade
So my family’s not shamed
I take the brunt of his rage
As I dig my own grave

His lies in my mind
Make rhythms In time
So I don’t deny
This is the place for my kind

Now our children are grown
As my sons bring one home
I tell her to stay
Because it’s the Kyrgyz way

it’s a little off but I’ll be working on it soon. Rather hard to describe such tragedies.

I read an article that took a piece of my heart, I thought I would share the thoughts of others.

Paintings of my memories

Staring at her picture
painting her in my mind
Her life tragically stolen
Here for just a little time

Never thinking for a moment
I’d lose the love of my life
How time is just so fragile
How life is so unkind

Painting her perfect smile
On her first day of school
How she would have been Cherished
Always kind to all she knew

Never driving for the first time
Never seeing her sweet sixteenth
How people have forgotten
What my young girl Never seen

Painting her on graduation day
Smiling on stage
How she could have been a doctor
Saving lives from early Graves

Dressing her for her wedding
Giving my daughter away
Hearing those special words
I have a baby on the way

Although the world keeps turning
I will never forget that day
When my sweet little flower
Was walked through heavens gates

As I will always remember
The beauty in her eyes
The young soul that’s taught me
so much about life

My heart goes out to all the families who’s lost a child, to everyone who’s lost anyone. You’re in my prayers.


Pictiúir de mo chuimhní cinn

Ag stánadh ar a pictiúr
ag péinteáil í i m’intinn
Goideadh a saol go tragóideach
Seo ar feadh beagán ama

Ná bí ag smaoineamh ar feadh nóiméid
Chaillfinn grá mo shaol
Cén chaoi a bhfuil an t-am chomh leochaileach
An chaoi a bhfuil an saol chomh neamhghaolmhar

Péinteáil a aoibh gháire foirfe
Ar a céad lá ar scoil
Conas a bheadh meas uirthi
I gcónaí cineálta le gach a raibh ar eolas aici

Ná bí ag tiomáint den chéad uair riamh
Ní fhaca sí a séú haois déag riamh
Mar a rinne daoine dearmad
Rud nach bhfaca mo chailín óg riamh

Péinteáil í ar lá na céime
Ag miongháire ar an stáitse
Conas a d’fhéadfadh sí a bheith ina dochtúir
Ag sábháil beatha ó Uaigheanna luatha

Gléasadh di le haghaidh a bainise
Ag tabhairt m’iníon ar shiúl
Na focail speisialta sin a chloisteáil
Tá leanbh agam ar an mbealach

Cé go gcoinníonn an domhan ag casadh
Ní dhéanfaidh mé dearmad go deo ar an lá sin
Nuair a bheidh mo bhláth beag milis
Siúil trí gheataí na bhflaitheas

Mar beidh cuimhne agam i gcónaí
An áilleacht ina súile
An t-anam óg a mhúintear dom
an oiread sin faoin saol

Téann mo chroí amach do na teaghlaigh go léir a chaill leanbh, do gach duine a chaill duine ar bith. Tá tú i mo ghuí.


Peintures de mes souvenirs

Regardant sa photo
la peindre dans mon esprit
Sa vie tragiquement volée
Ici pour un peu de temps

Ne jamais penser un instant
Je perdrais l’amour de ma vie
Comme le temps est si fragile
Comment la vie est si méchante

Peindre son sourire parfait
Lors de son premier jour d’école
Comment elle aurait été chérie
Toujours gentil avec tout ce qu’elle savait

Ne jamais conduire pour la première fois
Ne jamais voir son doux seizième
Comment les gens ont oublié
Ce que ma jeune fille n’a jamais vu

La peindre le jour de la remise des diplômes
Sourire sur scène
Comment elle aurait pu être médecin
Sauver des vies des premières tombes

L’habiller pour son mariage
Donner ma fille
Entendre ces mots spéciaux
j’ai un bébé en route

Bien que le monde continue de tourner
je n’oublierai jamais cette journée
Quand ma douce petite fleur
A traversé les portes du ciel

Comme je me souviendrai toujours
La beauté dans ses yeux
La jeune âme qui m’a appris
tellement sur la vie

Mon cœur va à toutes les familles qui ont perdu un enfant, à tous ceux qui ont perdu quelqu’un. Vous êtes dans mes prières.


Green eyes watered down
Chasing freckles around her frown
Dizzy spells bring her down
Too uncertain to smile now

Doctors say don’t worry child
You’ll be right in just a while
Still not sleeping, hearts gone wild
In her throat, it tastes so sour

Hands trembling, Loss of thoughts
Hiding out, too scared to talk
Told shes faking, can barely walk
Just hysteria, just teenage squawk

Frighting fears Drown her out
Hard to breathe, full of doubt
Scary thoughts spreading now
Contemplating what life’s about

Joints are swelling burning pain
Pins and needles run like veins
Statistics lost For personal gain
Suicide disease has earned its name


Watered súile glas síos
Chasing freckles timpeall a frown
Tugann geasa meadhrán anuas í
Ró-éiginnte le gáire anois

Deir dochtúirí ná bíodh imní ort ar leanbh
Beidh tú ceart i gceann tamaill bhig
Fós gan codladh, chuaigh croíthe fiáin
Ina scornach, bíonn blas chomh géar air

Lámha ag crith, Cailliúint smaointe
Ag dul i bhfolach, ró-eagla ort labhairt
Dúradh shes faking, ar éigean is féidir siúl
Díreach hysteria, díreach squawk déagóirí

Tá eagla ar an eagla go dtitfidh sí amach í
Deacair análú, lán d’amhras
Smaointe scanrúil ag scaipeadh anois
Ag smaoineamh ar a bhfuil i ndán don saol

Tá siúntaí ag at pian a dhó
Ritheann bioráin agus snáthaidí cosúil le féitheacha
Staitisticí caillte Chun gnóthachan pearsanta
Tá a ainm tuillte ag galar féinmharaithe


Yeux verts dilués
Chasser les taches de rousseur autour de son froncement de sourcils
Les étourdissements la font tomber
Trop incertain pour sourire maintenant

Les médecins disent de ne pas s’inquiéter enfant
Tu auras raison dans peu de temps
Je ne dors toujours pas, les cœurs se déchaînent
Dans sa gorge, ça a un goût si aigre

Mains tremblantes, Perte de pensées
Caché, trop effrayé pour parler
Elle a dit qu’elle faisait semblant, qu’elle pouvait à peine marcher
Juste de l’hystérie, juste un cri d’adolescent

Des peurs effrayantes la noient
Difficile de respirer, plein de doute
Des pensées effrayantes se répandent maintenant
Contempler ce qu’est la vie

Les articulations gonflent douleur brûlante
Les épingles et les aiguilles coulent comme des veines
Statistiques perdues Pour un gain personnel
La maladie du suicide a gagné son nom


You made me,
You always gave me,
You never changed me,
You only saved me,

Time and space being,
An empty place means,
You led the way for me,
to greater things,

And when I called on thee,
You’ve been my angel wings,
As you carried me,
You’ve shown me dignity,

All though my minds not free,
From all these tragedies,
You’ve shown me pice by pice,
Just what this life could be,

And in these times we grieve,
You standing next to me,
It’s these times you see,
We build our memories,

Your love of vines grow free,
Through all the lives to be,
Growing miles of green,
Spread like wildflower seeds,

So what I’m trying to say,
Is thanks for everything,
All the love I’ve seen,
And everything between,

Cuz when I meet the day,
My last breath will fade,
I can honestly say,
You’re love paved the way.


Rinne tú mé,
Thug tú dom i gcónaí,
Níor athraigh tú mé riamh,
Níor shábháil tú ach mé,

Am agus spás á,
Ciallaíonn áit fholamh,
Threoraigh tú an bealach domsa,
chun rudaí níos mó,

Agus nuair a ghlaoigh mé ort,
Bhí tú i mo sciatháin aingeal,
Mar a d’iompair tú mé,
Thaispeáin tú dínit dom,

Níl gach intinn saor in aisce,
Ó na tragóidí seo go léir,
Thaispeáin tú pice dom le pice,
Go díreach cad a d’fhéadfadh a bheith sa saol seo,

Agus sna hamanna seo is trua linn,
Tá tú i do sheasamh in aice liom,
Is iad na hamanna seo a fheiceann tú,
Tógann muid ár gcuimhní cinn,

Fásann do ghrá fíniúnacha saor in aisce,
Trí na saolta go léir a bheith,
Mílte glasa ag fás,
Scaipthe cosúil le síolta bláthanna fiáine,

Mar sin, cad tá mé ag iarraidh a rá,
Go raibh maith agat as gach rud,
An grá go léir a chonaic mé,
Agus gach rud idir,

Cuz nuair a bhuailim an lá,
Beidh mo anáil dheireanach céimnithe,
Is féidir liom a rá go hionraic,
Tá tú grá pábháilte ar an mbealach.


Vous m’avez fait,
Tu m’as toujours donné,
Tu ne m’as jamais changé,
Tu m’as seulement sauvé,

Le temps et l’espace étant,
Une place vide signifie,
Tu as ouvert la voie pour moi,
à de plus grandes choses,

Et quand je t’ai invoqué,
Tu as été mes ailes d’ange,
Comme tu m’as porté,
Tu m’as montré la dignité,

Tous mes esprits ne sont pas libres,
De toutes ces tragédies,
Tu m’as montré pièce par pièce,
Juste ce que cette vie pourrait être,

Et en ces temps nous pleurons,
Toi debout à côté de moi,
C’est ces fois que tu vois,
Nous construisons nos souvenirs,

Ton amour de la vigne pousse librement,
A travers toutes les vies à venir,
Des kilomètres de verdure,
Répartis comme des graines de fleurs sauvages,

Alors ce que j’essaie de dire,
C’est merci pour tout,
Tout l’amour que j’ai vu,
Et tout entre,

Parce que quand je rencontre le jour,
Mon dernier souffle s’effacera,
Je peux honnêtement dire,
Vous êtes l’amour a ouvert la voie.


My monsters they love me
They see none above me
They lick all my wounds
When I bleed

They talk to me softly
They ease all that taunts me
They swallow my sins
Till I’m clean

When my demons come for me
My monsters form army’s
They battle the things
That I’ve seen

For my monsters I’ve promised
To give all that’s wanted
My secrets, my dreams
All that’s me

Now I’m torn from the seams
And my monsters, my monsters
They leave, they leave
Formed from demons released
Where my monsters, my monsters
It seems, it seems

As they creep so unseen
Now my demons their speaking
For me, crying screams
From my eyes my thoughts bleed
And my demons they
See right through me, through me

As I walk through these memories
My mind won’t just let be
The lies, the cries
Are my dreams

Now this vision before me
It seems to destroy me
It slithers its way inside me

As I pace through these scenes
Formed by demons
I see that it’s me, It’s me

All this time hearts deceive
Who can love me
I trust none but me, but me

Now I’m torn from the seams
And my monsters, my monsters
They leave, they leave
Formed from demons released
Where my monsters, my monsters
It seems, it seems

As they creep so unseen
Now my demons their speaking
For me, crying screams
From my eyes my thoughts bleed
And my demons they
See right through me, through me

Stand alone and I’m dying
Can’t fight what’s inside me
I’ve done all I can to be mean

As the smoke goes unseen
Shone my monsters
They stole life from me
With evil schemes

Can this time be redeemed
For my losses they
Eat away me
It’s all I see

For the ones that I love
Please forgive how this life has made me
Cold as the sea

Now I’m torn from the seams
And my demons they walk beside me
This imperishable being
Scratch and scream at my dreams
How my demons they show love to me
Watch as I bleed, I bleed

Undesirable desires

I am a paintbrush upon your face smearing my colors for you to taste

Tell me those lies make me ache
Give me your heart for me to break

Spit in my mouth you make me say
words that I know are just a mistake

Gripping you’re hands around my neck
Sucking the life from inside my chest

I live to count you’re every breath
You live to be my next regret

But What is love without suspense
A drier need we all expect

Falling dreams

Falling dreams are after me
They take me when I’m not asleep
To places that I want to be
From demons that are inside me

Falling dreams they speak to me
In lights that no one else can see
They bring me from my darkness being
They promise me a world of peace

Falling dreams they let me be
Forgot that they had crowded me queen
I searched for them begging please
To bring me into Falling speeds

My Falling dreams were just a scene
Delusions that I wish could be
Desires Formed from wants and needs
My Daydreams from my life to be