Simple man decease

Simple mind disease
Taking everything you see
Poisoning lives to be
Bleeding hearts scream

Death upon she
For she was swept off her feet
This beast has ahold of her teeth
Screaming bitch don’t fuckin speak

consecrated herself to him
Till she’s lost all of herself within
Loving him Till the end
For he is her only friend

People see the loss in her eyes
Passing her by as she cries
She just another sole to die
She’s not a problem of mine

Now time has come alive
Tearing apart her fragile mind
Ashes forming up her spine
now she crumbles before your eyes

This woman who was once a child
squandered For a love so sour
Ignored has drowned in her own sorrows
Proving that this life is only borrowed

Second chance filling another’s gap
A warm welcome from her parents at last
Promising all to her only daughter
Her mother swaddles her beautiful flower

Time has passed now a woman empowered
Triumphing her past building tomorrow
Dreams of her future bearing a child
Crosses paths with this diseased coward

To inherit this world from kin
Run by simple-minded men

What will be left to rend?

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