I love you

They may know your strengths
But I know why
Why you built your walls
And buried your thoughts inside

He may hold your hand
But I hold your soul
Piecing your heart together
Painting it in gold

Embracing all your secrets
Encouraged your thorns to grow
Dancing with your demons
Your pain I swallow whole

Watching you grow old
You stand not alone 
For I am here with you
Even though you may not know

I stand with you in thoughts
Unbounded your words from knots
I talked you through a lot
Given all the love I’ve got

I sit and stare at you
You unknowingly stare back too
Sitting behind painted glass
You’re asking why things don’t last

Brushing your hair back
Gazing in your eyes
I see your tears fall
Creating more emotion in my eyes

I wipe your sorrows dry
Telling you please don’t cry
For I am always here
To coax you through these times

These times we’ll never know
But it’s These times that we grow
Learning from our past
Growing up from our ash

My love for you will last
If you just give this a chance
Mandy just take my hand
And we will walk to the promise lands

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