Devours me clean

She wraps you in wonder
Embraces your sins,
Darkness will fade
And the light will begin,

If you give her everything
You have that’s within,
Repeat all your thoughts
And you’ll be forgiven,

The time she will bend
For your heart she will win,

Devours your sole till your dust in the wind,

Intertwined in your veins you will bleed in the end,

Cosmically empowered you’ll find nothing to rend,

Yet the taste is so sour Spit it out again and again,

This thing we call love Hunts me down so I dive deep in

Vivid dreams

My vivid dreams
bleed unseen
Confusion rings
To what may seem

I’m in my dreams
Passing trees
I see her teeth
She says to me

Follow me
And I will be
All you need
What you breath

I desperately
Want to see
What haunts my dreams
What makes me beat

I follow thee
To lights unseen
She tells me she’s
My fantasies

I see her schemes
But tell me please
What’s to be dreamed
Beyond lights unseen

She says follow me
And you will see
What’s to be seen
In wicked dreams

I follow thee
In dark blue sea’s
The cold it seep’s
Right through me

As if the sea has
Swallowed me
It feels so sweet
Intertwined in me

The bitter sea
Consuming me
It’s everything
I wish to be

But that’s not why thee
has brought me to sea
She has a treat
It’s just for me

We walk as she
Has given to me
What visually seems
To be far from dreams

Fragments develop
In to fearing scenes
Depths unreached
Where Demons screech

She tells me she
Will set me free
When once she is queen
Of darkest dreams

But why with me
I ask of thee
Because one dreams
Most beautiful things

She tells me she
Can take darkest scenes
From inside me
For I’m to be serenity

Then she can be
The darkness queen
Of vivid dreams
Where terror rings

I ask of she
What’s in it for me
Without vivid dreams
I go unseen

She said trust in me
When I am queen
Then you will see
What you yearn to be

When you’re unveiled
When darkest flees
Once one can leave
Where Demons feast

So I surrender me
I crown her queen
She eats my dreams
Giving all darkness of me

bleeding unto she
Until I’m clean
Black blood clouds her teeth
She says it tastes so sweet

Feeling wicked grief released
The underworld at peace
Now I am faithfully beloved
by the darkness queen

I fade to gray
Loss of words to say
my mind falls bleak
I shake and seize

No room for dreams
No depth to me
I breathe in deep
stifling air seeps

I guess my darkness queen
Is done with me
tyrannical this beast
Who’s stolen life from me


Is the mind really broken
or is it just open
These times are unknowing
for thoughts are just growing

For one has been Lothian
In darkness at sea
Unbalanced as she
Crosse perplexity

For I can not be
The one who is empty
For you do not see
The burden upon thee
I bare as you mask me
Tarnished to gray
considered me crazed
A burden to blaze
Take this and behave
Befouling the gift God gave

Conceptualization now fade
Fighting my way through this haze
That’s led me astray
For what have I gave
A token to be saved
Pretend I’m OK
Call me emotionally deranged
For I have portrayed
No demons of rage
Still I’m just a shame
As you’ve nothing to say but
What makes you this way?

So now you despite me
Cast me as a psyche
So others cannot see
That you are just empty
Hate what you cannot be
But you admire me
The beauty you can’t see
My mind you cannot reach
My world is beyond belief

Not consumed by complacency
I’ve Broke down the lies
Found what’s deep down inside
You’re scared of what you’ll find

malignancy in vain
distortion for gain
No ability to change
The simplistic range
Your world is mundane
And This drives you insane

Simple man decease

Simple mind disease
Taking everything you see
Poisoning lives to be
Bleeding hearts scream

Death upon she
For she was swept off her feet
This beast has ahold of her teeth
Screaming bitch don’t fuckin speak

consecrated herself to him
Till she’s lost all of herself within
Loving him Till the end
For he is her only friend

People see the loss in her eyes
Passing her by as she cries
She just another sole to die
She’s not a problem of mine

Now time has come alive
Tearing apart her fragile mind
Ashes forming up her spine
now she crumbles before your eyes

This woman who was once a child
squandered For a love so sour
Ignored has drowned in her own sorrows
Proving that this life is only borrowed

Second chance filling another’s gap
A warm welcome from her parents at last
Promising all to her only daughter
Her mother swaddles her beautiful flower

Time has passed now a woman empowered
Triumphing her past building tomorrow
Dreams of her future bearing a child
Crosses paths with this diseased coward

To inherit this world from kin
Run by simple-minded men

What will be left to rend?

A place in mind

Lines are miss spoken
And hearts are defeated,
Feelings of dreams
Only when your asleep,

Blinded by hatred
But tempted to love her,
Your mind always seizes
To reason with hunger,

Built me a palace of
See-through delusions,
Cope with the lies
Of such lucid confusion,

Time is unwound.
When your high is induced,
And your mind is released
From this constant abuse,

Watch as my mind bleeds
My words I am choking,
Time I have lost
Now my eyes are shut open,

Wielding my thoughts
With this blade I am holding,
You walk through the door
Now my heart has been stolen,

When will you see that
In time I am frozen,
My heart was released
But now it is broken,

This love that we seed
With no intentions to grow it,

But who is to say
That with love
We can own it,

So I…

Built me a palace of
See-through delusions,
Cope with the lies
Of such lucid confusion,


Time is unwound
And my high is induced,
And my mind is released
From this constant abuse.

My beautiful me, my beautiful you

In my dreams you make me queen
filling out my unsown seems,
Loving me through all my hatred
Building me from once so faded,

Time is unwound and I see the truth,
My beautiful me, my beautiful you

Making me love what I thought was not true,
Filling my eyes to the depths of their blue,
Holding my heart in the palm of you’re hand,
Now I’m not scared to finally land,

Time is unwound and I see the truth,
My beautiful me, my beautiful you

The time that you spent the words that you meant,
The tears that we wept, fearing moments
But when I look at you I see you’re true,
My untouched devotion is now longing for you,


When time is unwound, I see us too
My beautiful me, my beautiful you