A short ukulele song I wrote a while back… young I suppose, but I got the idea from Billie Eilish, song 8

you left me blue
I’m such a fool
You’re so dame cruel

You were never true
You saw right through
All that I do

And now time has slipped away
But I feel OK,

I’ve come to say
You’ve paved the way
For us to break

And hey,
who was to say
The great don’t fade
Or are replaced

And now I can walk away
From this shameless game
What’s left to say?

I almost left
Without What’s mine
In chalk outlines

My pice of mind
I gave sublime
This heart of mine

Don’t cry cuz lies fall from fate
Our minds will bind
From such treacherous ways,
Such treacherous ways,
It will be OK

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