Is the mind really broken
or is it just open
These times are unknowing
for thoughts are just growing

For one has been Lothian
In darkness at sea
Unbalanced as she
Crosse perplexity

For I can not be
The one who is empty
For you do not see
The burden upon thee
I bare as you mask me
Tarnished to gray
considered me crazed
A burden to blaze
Take this and behave
Befouling the gift God gave

Conceptualization now fade
Fighting my way through this haze
That’s led me astray
For what have I gave
A token to be saved
Pretend I’m OK
Call me emotionally deranged
For I have portrayed
No demons of rage
Still I’m just a shame
As you’ve nothing to say but
What makes you this way?

So now you despite me
Cast me as a psyche
So others cannot see
That you are just empty
Hate what you cannot be
But you admire me
The beauty you can’t see
My mind you cannot reach
My world is beyond belief

Not consumed by complacency
I’ve Broke down the lies
Found what’s deep down inside
You’re scared of what you’ll find

malignancy in vain
distortion for gain
No ability to change
The simplistic range
Your world is mundane
And This drives you insane

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