Bride kidnapping

They grabbed me today
What to Tarnish my name
Take me as a slave
Filled with threats to behave

Now I stand all alone
Seems this life’s not my own
With no feelings of home
Only seen as a stone thrown

As the sounds just replay
Said my characters to blame
For my fate is my fault
At least that’s what I been taught

With his hands around my neck
Spiting venom in my chest
As the knife cuts my flesh
With no feelings of regret

Now, Bleeding unto scenes
Just an uncherished being
I drink till I’m clean
Till these feelings run free

As my memories all fade
So my family’s not shamed
I take the brunt of his rage
As I dig my own grave

His lies in my mind
Make rhythms In time
So I don’t deny
This is the place for my kind

Now our children are grown
As my sons bring one home
I tell her to stay
Because it’s the Kyrgyz way

it’s a little off but I’ll be working on it soon. Rather hard to describe such tragedies.

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