Mindless minds

Lines of mindless walking dead’s
Only sour remnants left
Minds gone blind
These encroaching times
Walk fragile lines
Through fields of mines

Lost In the sky through space and time
Only living life to feel your multi high
But when you’re eyes bleed wide
And the lies untie
All’s been said
They’ll have you’re head

Minds where sold
These evil lies you told
Ancient binds been broke
From once Civil soles
Now the times grow cold
And the wise unfold
To a war so old
Who’s really in control

Cuz lust feeds your greed
Your mind cannot be pleased
Your tongue only a tease
To Spit the lies you seed
And if we all retreat
And let this war defeat
Our grief is sure to lead
To this world’s cupidity

No malice for your hunger
I’ll only leave you wonder
In such a fuckin blunder
I’ll stand my square outnumbered
Your time is up, been altered
I come to fight, to conqueror
To rise from what’s been slaughtered
To save our sons and daughters

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