Part one

What have you to say?

I have too much,
That makes so little.

What are you asking?

To be thought.

Thought of what?

Thought of many.
Many who wonder,
Who see beyond what’s to be seen.
Who feel depths that can’t be reached,
By even the most glorious Beings.
To be answered and believed.

What do you believe?

What do I believe?

I believe that time has reached its peak,
We stand with nothing beneath our feet,
With No destiny to seek.

What’s your destiny?

My destiny is bleak
No words can complete
When Time plays defeat
It sits beside me… Alone
Where we play with the sheep,
We are forbidden to leave.

Who forbid you to leave?

The one who I can’t speak

For one will be Unforgiving with grief, rath will run deep Tearing through all peace.

I cry for thee
For Peace is not for she. For nothing and all runs deep, Bleeding where no other can see. A lost soul for eternity.

Why is she unworthy of peace?
For women don’t speak

My idolatry goes unseen
For I’m not like most beings
I’m shamed when playing scenes

What can you say to a man
Being a woman
In a society when women
Are objects, titles, and subjects
Subjects to be obedient
When subjects can’t bleed
How can it be
That she could walk with thee
A Cherishable Being
Who carries her own dignity.

The city where the queendom
Was taking by kings

Fair Verona let me be
For I am the city full of grief
Unleashed my beast
For you to suffer with me

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