My monsters they love me
They see none above me
They lick all my wounds
When I bleed

They talk to me softly
They ease all that taunts me
They swallow my sins
Till I’m clean

When my demons come for me
My monsters form army’s
They battle the things
That I’ve seen

For my monsters I’ve promised
To give all that’s wanted
My secrets, my dreams
All that’s me

Now I’m torn from the seams
And my monsters, my monsters
They leave, they leave
Formed from demons released
Where my monsters, my monsters
It seems, it seems

As they creep so unseen
Now my demons their speaking
For me, crying screams
From my eyes my thoughts bleed
And my demons they
See right through me, through me

As I walk through these memories
My mind won’t just let be
The lies, the cries
Are my dreams

Now this vision before me
It seems to destroy me
It slithers its way inside me

As I pace through these scenes
Formed by demons
I see that it’s me, It’s me

All this time hearts deceive
Who can love me
I trust none but me, but me

Now I’m torn from the seams
And my monsters, my monsters
They leave, they leave
Formed from demons released
Where my monsters, my monsters
It seems, it seems

As they creep so unseen
Now my demons their speaking
For me, crying screams
From my eyes my thoughts bleed
And my demons they
See right through me, through me

Stand alone and I’m dying
Can’t fight what’s inside me
I’ve done all I can to be mean

As the smoke goes unseen
Shone my monsters
They stole life from me
With evil schemes

Can this time be redeemed
For my losses they
Eat away me
It’s all I see

For the ones that I love
Please forgive how this life has made me
Cold as the sea

Now I’m torn from the seams
And my demons they walk beside me
This imperishable being
Scratch and scream at my dreams
How my demons they show love to me
Watch as I bleed, I bleed

Undesirable desires

I am a paintbrush upon your face smearing my colors for you to taste

Tell me those lies make me ache
Give me your heart for me to break

Spit in my mouth you make me say
words that I know are just a mistake

Gripping you’re hands around my neck
Sucking the life from inside my chest

I live to count you’re every breath
You live to be my next regret

But What is love without suspense
A drier need we all expect

Falling dreams

Falling dreams are after me
They take me when I’m not asleep
To places that I want to be
From demons that are inside me

Falling dreams they speak to me
In lights that no one else can see
They bring me from my darkness being
They promise me a world of peace

Falling dreams they let me be
Forgot that they had crowded me queen
I searched for them begging please
To bring me into Falling speeds

My Falling dreams were just a scene
Delusions that I wish could be
Desires Formed from wants and needs
My Daydreams from my life to be

Old debts

How do I feel so empty inside
How does my mind bleed such a lie
How do I feel nothing to feel
How did I make such a bad deal

The devil holds me and sings me to sleep
How did I ever get this deep
My lines untie I stand with the sheep
When will these lives have some peace?

Doing time

I’ve walked the line
I’ve been unkind
Only to find
I’m lost in time

Can’t find the time
To just rewind
To call it mine
A place in time

My thoughts unwind
Like dandelion vines
Choking my mind
With wicked lies

They fill in time
Miss firing my lines
Sorrows are sying
synapses are dying

My colors fade
In to darkest grays
Water filled shades
Burnt to a blaze

But who am I to cry and whine
About a loss I can’t define
I stand tall drying my eyes
Filling shoes an unfamiliar kind

Look what you made me do

Look what you made me do
I’ve fallen deeply in love with you

Look what you made me do
I built our world To Watch you bloom

Look what you made me do
These lies I toss to keep you true

Look what you made me do
I drown myself to pay my dues

Look what you made me do
You left as soon as I needed you

Look what you made me do
my veins they bleed to red from blue

Look what you made me do
I gave my life to be with you


Institutionalize by pride
I see the darkness in your eyes
Run by demons inside
With no reason or rhyme

Run the night in disguise
With the reddest of lies
Search for what you can’t find
Tear the hearts from mankind

You Called your love sublime
Said you’d walk through time
Now I stand alone to find
That it was all in my mind

Though time passes by
Fewer tears are now cried
I still can’t help but find
I’m in love with this guy

Devours me clean

She wraps you in wonder
Embraces your sins,
Darkness will fade
And the light will begin,

If you give her everything
You have that’s within,
Repeat all your thoughts
And you’ll be forgiven,

The time she will bend
For your heart she will win,

Devours your sole till your dust in the wind,

Intertwined in your veins you will bleed in the end,

Cosmically empowered you’ll find nothing to rend,

Yet the taste is so sour Spit it out again and again,

This thing we call love Hunts me down so I dive deep in

Vivid dreams

My vivid dreams
bleed unseen
Confusion rings
To what may seem

I’m in my dreams
Passing trees
I see her teeth
She says to me

Follow me
And I will be
All you need
What you breath

I desperately
Want to see
What haunts my dreams
What makes me beat

I follow thee
To lights unseen
She tells me she’s
My fantasies

I see her schemes
But tell me please
What’s to be dreamed
Beyond lights unseen

She says follow me
And you will see
What’s to be seen
In wicked dreams

I follow thee
In dark blue sea’s
The cold it seep’s
Right through me

As if the sea has
Swallowed me
It feels so sweet
Intertwined in me

The bitter sea
Consuming me
It’s everything
I wish to be

But that’s not why thee
has brought me to sea
She has a treat
It’s just for me

We walk as she
Has given to me
What visually seems
To be far from dreams

Fragments develop
In to fearing scenes
Depths unreached
Where Demons screech

She tells me she
Will set me free
When once she is queen
Of darkest dreams

But why with me
I ask of thee
Because one dreams
Most beautiful things

She tells me she
Can take darkest scenes
From inside me
For I’m to be serenity

Then she can be
The darkness queen
Of vivid dreams
Where terror rings

I ask of she
What’s in it for me
Without vivid dreams
I go unseen

She said trust in me
When I am queen
Then you will see
What you yearn to be

When you’re unveiled
When darkest flees
Once one can leave
Where Demons feast

So I surrender me
I crown her queen
She eats my dreams
Giving all darkness of me

bleeding unto she
Until I’m clean
Black blood clouds her teeth
She says it tastes so sweet

Feeling wicked grief released
The underworld at peace
Now I am faithfully beloved
by the darkness queen

I fade to gray
Loss of words to say
my mind falls bleak
I shake and seize

No room for dreams
No depth to me
I breathe in deep
stifling air seeps

I guess my darkness queen
Is done with me
tyrannical this beast
Who’s stolen life from me